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Friday, 25 January 2013

How to Send Email (Gmail) using ASP.NET C# SmtpClient?

In this article I'll explain you how to send Email using ASP.NET application;

Here I'm using SmptClient Class; So You must enable SMPT in your email settings; In this example I'm using Gmail server's SMPT, so you must enable SMPT in your gmail settings page. It is must for From Email Address and you can send To other mail clients.

In the below snapshots I'm showing  How to send Email using ASP.NET C# SmptClient (Gmail).

Here I'm using in From Address and I've already enabled SMPT in Gmail's setting page and then, in To Address I used to send more than one Email ID other mail client also include (example yahoo mail).

1. Design Page

2. Code Behind                                                                                           

3. Output


  1. Nice Post Kumaran....I really Liked this approach.

    It would be great if you kindly give the code in the can refer
    this example.


    1. @Animesh sure friend I'll update this post with codings


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