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Thursday, 2 August 2012

10 Amazingly Simple Tricks To Turn Your Brain Into A Powerful Thinking Machine

10 Amazingly Simple Tricks To Turn Your Brain Into A Powerful 
Thinking Machine

There are two basic principles to keep your brain healthy and sharp 
as you age: variety and curiosity. When anything you do becomes 
second nature, you need to make a change. If you can do the 
crossword puzzle in your sleep, it's time for you to move on to a 
new challenge in order to get the best workout for your brain. 
Curiosity about the world around you, how it works and how you can 
understand it will keep your brain working fast and efficiently. Use 
the ideas below to help attain your quest for mental fitness. 

1. Read a Book

Pick a book on an entirely new subject. Read a novel set in Egypt. 
Learn about economics. There are many excellent popular non-fiction 
books that do a great job entertaining you while teaching about a 
subject. Become an expert in something new each week. Branch out 
from familiar reading topics. If you usually read history books, try 
a contemporary novel. Read foreign authors, the classics and random 
books. Not only will your brain get a workout by imagining different 
time periods, cultures and peoples, you will also have interesting 
stories to tell about your reading, what it makes you think of and 
the connections you draw between modem life and the words. 

2. Play Games

Games are a wonderful way to tease and challenge your brain. Suduko, 
crosswords and electronic games can all improve your brain's speed 
and memory. These games rely on logic, word skills, math and more. 
These games are also fun. You'll get benefit more by doing these 
games a little bit every day-spend 15 minutes or so, not hours. 

3. Use Your Opposite Hand

Spend the day doing things with your non-dominant hand. If you are 
left-handed, open doors with your right hand. If you are right-
handed, try using your keys with your left. This simple task will 
cause your brain to lay down some new pathways and rethink daily 
tasks. Wear your watch on the opposite hand to remind you to switch. 

4. Learn Phone Numbers

Our modem phones remember every number that calls them. No one 
memorizes phone numbers anymore, but it is a great memory Skill. 
Learn a new phone number everyday.

5. Eat for Your Brain

Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats. Focus on fish oils from 
wild salmon, nuts such as walnuts, seeds such as flax seed and olive 
oil. Eat more of these foods and less saturated fats. Eliminate 
transfats completely from your diet. 

6. Break the Routine

We love our routines. We have hobbies and pastimes that we could do 
for hours on end. But the more something is second nature, the less 
our brains have to work to do it. To really help your brain stay 
young, challenge it. Change routes to the grocery store, use your 
opposite hand to open doors and eat dessert first. All this will 
force your brain to wake up from habits and pay attention again. 

7. Go a Different way

Drive or walk a different way to wherever you go. This little change 
in routine helps the brain practice special memory and directions. 
Try different side streets go through stores in a different order 
anything to change your route. 

8. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill works multiple areas of the brain. Your memory 
comes into play, you learn new movements and you associate things 
differently. Reading Shakespeare, learning to cook and building an 
airplane out of tooth picks all will challenge your brain and give 
you something to think about. 

9. Make Lists

Lists are wonderful. Making lists helps us to associate items with 
one another. Make a list of all the places you have traveled. Make a 
list of the tastiest foods you have eaten. Make a list of the best 
presents you have been given. Make one list every day to jog your 
memory and make new connections. But don't become too reliant on 
them. Make your grocery list, but then try to shop without it. Use 
the list once you have put every item you can think of in your cart. 
Do the same with your "to do" lists. 

10. Choose a new skill

Find something that captivates you that you can do easily in your 
home and doesn't cost too much. Photography with a digital camera, 
learning to draw, learning a musical instrument learning new cooking 
styles, or writing are all great choices.

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