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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to Hide Gridview and Show the selected gridview row details in Form View using ASP.NET C#

In this post I'm going to post details about how to hide full Gridview by selecting individual gridview row and show that gridview row details in Formview;

In this example, I'm using AdventureWorks Database and datebase table name HumanResources.Employee

Click here to Download AdventureWorks Database 

Here I'll post the code and snapshot details 

1. Design View

Add connection string code in web.config as below :

2.Design View's Source code in Default.aspx

3. Code Behind : Default.aspx.cs


4. Output: a) Gridview Shown

4 b) After clicking Full detail in First row in Gridview; Gridview has been hidden and showing Form view of the particular grid view rows full details

4.c) Click Back Button then Grid view has been shown and Form view has been hidden

Friday, 25 January 2013

How to Send Email (Gmail) using ASP.NET C# SmtpClient?

In this article I'll explain you how to send Email using ASP.NET application;

Here I'm using SmptClient Class; So You must enable SMPT in your email settings; In this example I'm using Gmail server's SMPT, so you must enable SMPT in your gmail settings page. It is must for From Email Address and you can send To other mail clients.

In the below snapshots I'm showing  How to send Email using ASP.NET C# SmptClient (Gmail).

Here I'm using in From Address and I've already enabled SMPT in Gmail's setting page and then, in To Address I used to send more than one Email ID other mail client also include (example yahoo mail).

1. Design Page

2. Code Behind                                                                                           

3. Output

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Retrieve Data from database and view datas in label or textbox using ASP.NET and SQL

Here I'll show you how to get data from Database and that Database can be fetched as Label text or textbox text;  

1. Design View 

2. Source View

3. Code Behind ; Here I've using Student database

4. Output After Debugging Before giving Input data;

5. Student Database

6. Output